Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is a 2000 square meter park located in Gianyar Regency and offers various educational activities about the animals inside the park. In addition, the visitors can also interact closely with the birds.
Meet 1000 birds, 250 species in 1 unforgettable day! Bali Bird Park is divided into several areas that mimic the natural habitat of the birds, complete with native plants. In addition to being a tourist spot, this park also plays an important role in protecting and conserving endangered Indonesian wildlife.
Bali Bird Park has successfully bred many species of birds here, including The Rare Pesquet’s Parrot and starlings, which are cared for release to the wild. There are over 40 species of birds accommodated here, a number that continues to grow under the care of Bali Bird Park’s professional staff.

About twenty years ago, the innovative Bali Bird Park entered the eco-tourism scene in Bali. This park is dedicated to the protection, conservation, and breeding of exotic birds from all over the world, not only Indonesia. Each section of Bali Bird Park has a replica of the region’s native flora and fauna and a variety of bird species native to that area. Join us as we go on a fantastical adventure over the continents of Indonesia, South America, Africa, and Australia. Stop by the relaxed outdoor eatery (appropriately named after the stunning Bali Starling) for a break and some delicious food. Visit the Rainforest Café for some handmade ice cream or a refreshing tropical drink.
Check out our air-conditioned, 4D theater if you’re looking for something a little bit different to see. Take in one of the avian-themed, 5.1-surround-sound flicks playing here.

The Bali Bird Park has a long history of breeding success, with species ranging from the rare Pesquet’s parrot to large numbers of Bali Starlings, all of which are used in local release programs. Almost 40 species of Indonesian birds are housed at the park, many of which are successfully reproducing thanks to our staff’s efforts.

Bali Bird Park Show Schedule:
There are several shows and rides at Bali Bird Park with a certain schedule. You can access the Bali Bird Park official site for the full schedule or see the schedule directly on the spot.

Facilities at Bali Bird Park
• Restaurant
• Rainforest Cafe
• 4D cinema
• Parking area

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