Elephant Ride


Bali Zoo Elephant Ride is one of the Bali elephant ride tours that you can have in Bali. This is one of the great ways to enjoy and explore the exciting islands. You just need to sit in a comfortable bench that is placed on a top of our healthy Sumatran elephants. Feel the sensation of riding the biggest mammal in the world through the beautiful pathway inside the zoo and outside the zoo. That path is designed to make you are able to sleep and bathe.

You will also able to cross the Wos River, visit the natural waterfall, and a stunning grassy valley. In the middle of this Bali elephant ride, we will stop at the Bale Bengong to enjoy the young coconut drink and then continued by having the short trek up to the hill. In that hill, you will see the oldest village temple area. At the end of the tour in this Bali Zoo, you can hand feet the elephant and then have lunch in our Okavongo Restaurant which you can enjoy the food where you will also sit only meters from the African lion.

Bali Zoo Elephant Ride

Taro Village Ubud
1 Kilometer
Around 30 minutes



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