Padang Padang Beach

Pantai Padang Padang or Pantai Labuan Sait or Padang Padang Beach is the best beach in the Bukit Peninsula, Bali. It’s a proper paradise island beach, and there’s nothing quite like descending the cliffside stairs as the striking cove below, shrouded on either side by imposing cliffs and lush, verdant rainforest, comes into sight. Then, your feet touch the soft, white sand, and you know you’ve arrived somewhere truly special. The coral-fringed beach is ideal for swimming as it forms a natural lagoon that even the most inexperienced swimmer can handle. It’s also one of the great surfing experiences in Bali, and experienced surfers love to come to Padang Padang Beach. The surf breaks here are absolutely top-tier, and it takes real skill to master the swells. If you’re not ready to tackle the challenge yet, never fear. You can find plenty of surf schools to help out. So, let’s take a closer look at Padang Padang Beach and learn all you need to know for an amazing visit to this hidden gem.

Where Is Padang Padang Beach?
Padang Padang Beach is on the Bukit Peninsula at the Southern End of Bali. It’s normally considered to consist of everything that runs south of Jimbaran Beach. To find Padang Padang Beach, you will need to head to Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.
There is a very large parking area at the site. Once you arrive there, you must climb down a set of well-maintained cliffside stairs to the beach proper.

How To Get To Padang Padang Beach
If you’re in Uluwatu, you can easily get a taxi or local driver to this spot. Otherwise, it’s best to hire a private car and driver.

You can always rent a scooter to get wherever you want on the island, but we don’t recommend it. You must be road legal (International Driver’s Permit and current license with a motorcycle endorsement) to be insured, and the roads are dangerous, even for experienced drivers.

How Much Is It To Get Onto Padang Padang Beach?

There is a small entrance fee at Padang Padang Beach. You must pay 20,000 IDR per person (and there is no discount for children, and they only accept cash in IDR) as an entrance fee.
If you want to use the car park, the parking fee is an extra 5,000 IDR.
It helps to have exact changes or small bills here as the entrance gate at this small beach is not always blessed with large numbers of visitors paying the entrance fee and creating change for other visitors.
Once you’ve paid, you can climb down the narrow staircase and make your way through the cave and onto the beach.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Padang Padang Beach?
There is no “best time” to visit Padang Padang Beach in terms of the time of year. While the dry season will be a little cooler (thanks to onshore breezes), it doesn’t rain all day in the wet season, and you can expect around 9 hours of sunshine a day. We’d also note that if you want the biggest challenge as a surfer, the waves are bigger and stronger in the wet season. But be warned, they’re pretty big and strong even when it’s dry. It’s worth noting that Bali’s dry season is its peak season, and you may have to pay a premium for flights and accommodation at this time. However, you do want to visit this beach at low tide as the tide is going out and then leave before high tide. This is because the unique hollow rock entrance of the cave here can be hard to access when the water levels are high. You will need to check the tides online as they vary depending on the day, and we can’t say “go during mid-morning” as some days will be high tide.

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